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Chilis survey onlineChilis is a great little restaurant that serves excellent Mexican food, and who doesn’t love Mexican food? The menu is diverse and food mouth watering, burgers, taco’s and so much more. The restaurant offers not just food, but a dining experience to its customers. The service is great, the ambiance is lovely and what makes chilis so different is the fact that they value your opinions. Chilis wants its customers to be happy at the end of the day and are willing to do whatever it takes to maximize consumer satisfaction, since a happy customer is a loyal customer. is a website that is designed to do that specifically. offers consumers sweepstake of 1000$, on giving their feedbacks and taking the chilis survey. The unique way of taking feedback of consumers show, just how much their opinion is valued by the restaurant. To enter into the sweepstake, you need to take the survey within four days of your purchase of a meal at the restaurant. You need to enter the required information off your bills receipt, so keep your receipt until you have entered the competition. The website does not limit itself to the survey but has many other options. You can see the entire menu card before going or ordering food, there are different combination meals and variety of deals which you can choose from. The website is designed to capture your attention; it is brightly colored with strong, mouth watering visuals.

It is an interactive website with a lot of active media used, the visuals change as you browse the web page, engaging your interest and arousing your hunger. The website has language options, English and Spanish which adds to the authenticity of its Mexican roots. The color and theme of the website also supports the Mexican flavors that the restaurant offers. The website also has other options like placing an order online, which is very convenient and I think consequential after you visit such a tempting website. Like mentioned above the restaurant does not limit itself to just serving food but takes it a step ahead and gives you an experience, this experience includes indulging your passion for sports. Chili support local sports teams and has screening of different sports events at the restaurant. Their website is coherent with this idea and also has options of games in it, where it provides the viewer information on which events would take place in the restaurant and when. is hence a great way to share your experience with the service providers, the website helps bind the customers with the restaurant and maintain a long term relation. It provides consumers the chance to voice their true opinions about the restaurant and the owners to know what they are doing wrong and improving on it. Chilis survey provides a unique situation for the customer where they have nothing to lose and have a chance of winning a 1000$ if you are a customer of this great little Mexican place, then turn on those laptops and join in the chance of winning.

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